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Risk of deporting asylum-seeking Kenyan activist in Lebanon persists

After more than four months of arrest, the fate of Kenyan worker and activist NM remains unknown. She remains with General Security despite being...

Why are Lebanese people afraid of talking about sects?

One time in fourth grade, I came back from school and asked my mother a question I felt was normal: "Mama, what is our sect?"

Alfa VS Touch: Citizens Are The Losers

The start of July marked the rise of the telecoms prices of "Alfa" and "Touch," at a time when private internet distribution companies had...

What does capital control mean for Lebanon today? Sabine Kik explains...

What is capital control? And how does it affect Lebanon?

Lebanon’s housing crisis: On tenant rights, eviction, and the state

It is with these words that Jana Haidar, Housing Monitor Coordinator at the Public Works Studio, described the status of housing in Lebanon. “There is...

WingWoman Lebanon: Reusable pads combatting period poverty

Lebanon’s economic crisis led to a 500% increase in the price of menstrual pads since 2019, with period poverty significantly on the rise.

Lebanon’s banks begin strike over “populist, harmful stances” against sector

The Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL) announced in a statement Friday that the banking sector would go on strike Monday in protest of...